Residential Dwellings: 

Prices start at $350.00 and increase proportionately with increased square footage.
Please go to our convenient online scheduling system for accurate price information.

Duplex - Minimum Charge - $450.00
Condo or townhouse less than 1100 sq.ft. - $325.00
Condo or townhouse 1100-2000 sq.ft. - $385.00
Single wide Manufactured home in park - $350.00
Double wide Manufactured home in park - $395.00

Note, Manufactured homes on acreage are priced the same as conventional homes.

Commercial Property Inspections: 

Multi-unit apartments, townhouses , restaurants, office suites, etc. - Call for Quote

Additional Fees: 

Raised foundation / crawlspace - $60.00
Pre-1960 Home - $60.00
Escrow Billing Fee - $85.00
Log Home - $75.00

Granny Units and Additional Structure fees vary, according to size of the structure.

Contract Transfer w/Re-Inspection 50% of Original Inspection Fee. Must be done within 90 days
of the original inspection. 

Consultation: Call for information

Travel fees apply to some locations.

Prices subject to change without notice. 

Generous discounts given to Active duty Military personnel
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